Monday, April 25, 2011

Midweek TV Preview: 26 - 27 April 2011

Tuesday 26 April

19.45 Schalke v Manchester United, Champions League Semi Final 1st Leg, Sky Sports 2/HD2/3D
Ok, let's go back to 2002. Real Madrid and Barcelona are playing each other in one half of the Champions League Finals while Manchester United play unfancied German opposition in the shape of Bayer Leverkeusen. United travel to Leverkeusen for the first leg and get a 1-1 draw - a scoreline most feel is enough to take back to Old Trafford. Leverkeusen go on to lose 2-1 to Real Madrid in the final. "Hold up! Latest odds are coming up nah..."

Wednesday 27 April

19.45 Real Madrid v Barcelona, Champions League Semi Final 1st Leg, ITV1/ITV1 HD
El Super Clasico Part the Third... or is it Part 3 Chapter 1... quite frankly I'm not too sure. Iniesta plays after being cleared of earning a deliberate yellow in the first league of the quarter final meaning he missed the return dead rubber and didn't risk missing this fixture. Yet another niggling, minor, inconsequential debating point that all adds up to Mourinho's own version of dark forces out to get him.

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