Friday, April 29, 2011

The Bundesliga Show Episode 20 - Sadness for Schalke, Stuart Dykes and the title on hold for Dortmund

This week on The Bundesliga Show, Terry Duffelen and Jon Hartley are joined by Schalke UK's Stuart Dykes to talk over the Champions League semi-final against Manchester United. It may have been a sad night for Schalke amidst a wonderful Champions League campaign and the pod crew talk about the star of the show, Manuel Neuer and the bright times ahead for the Royal Blues.

Also on the podcast, a look at the players who have been turning the fortunes of some relegation threatened sides. Plus a preview of some of the key matches up coming on matchday 32 of this rollercoaster Bundesliga season. By next week will there be a new champion and who may have taken the drop?

here to listen to the podcast or right click on the link to download it.

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