Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday List of Little or No Consequence #222

Facts amazing!
27 Statistics Mentioned During The Guardian Football Weekly Podcast of 29 December 2011 (Duration: 38 Minutes 44 Seconds)

1. Two weeks prior to the podcast Manchester City had a goal difference that was 17 better than Manchester United but now it was only five better. (JR)

2. Manchester United have only played two of the top eight teams away from home so far. (SI)

3. Sunderland have lost five of their six games against teams in the top seven of the Premier League. (BG)

4. Dimitar Berbatov has scored 19 goals in his last 13 matches. (JR)

5. All but four of Berbatov’s 19 goals were scored at home. (JR)

6. All of Berbatov’s goals were scored against sides lower in the table than Manchester United. (JR)

7. Swansea City have only lost once against United. (SI)

8. Swansea City have only conceded three goals in nine home games. (BG)

9. Swansea City have only won one game in their last seven. (SI)

10. Between December 26th and 27th 2011, seven of the ten Premier League games were draws of which five finished 1-1. (JR)

11. Every time Liverpool draw at home (with the exception of one game), the opposing goalkeeper has been the Man of the Match. (JR)

12. Chelsea have drawn three games in a row. (JR)

13. Paul Robinson’s save-to-shot ratio is one of the lowest in the Premier League. (MC)

14. Wayne Hennessey has made the most saves in the Premier League this season – 90 – with Brad Friedel second best on 71. (BG)

15. Liverpool have the worst shots-to-goal percentage in the Premier League. (JR)

16. Luis Suarez is the only Liverpool player that’s scored more than two goals this season. (JR)

17. Andy Carroll has only scored twice in 16 games (from nine starts). (SI)

18. Liverpool (17 times) and Newcastle United (12 times) have hit the woodwork most often in the Premier League this season. (BG)

19. Newcastle United got their first win in seven games against Bolton. (JR)

20. Celtic's 1-0 win over Rangers was their ninth consecutive SPL victory. (JR)

21. There’s been a 17-point swing towards Celtic from Rangers since November 5th 2011. (EM)

22. Newcastle United’s record at home and away this season is identical. (SI)

23. QPR are the only side not to have won any of their last six games. (MC)

24. QPR didn’t make any substitutions against Swansea City. (MC)

25. Vic Moses is the top dribbler in the Premier League (JR)

26. Yaya Toure has made the most passes in the Premier League – 1,401 (JR)

27. John Terry is one of only nine players to have passed more than 1,000 times in the Premier League so far and has the second highest success rate. (JR)

JR = James Richardson
MC = Michael Cox
BG = Barry Glendenning
SI = Sean Ingle
EM = Ewan Murray


Ian Thomson said...

All of Berbatov’s goals were scored against sides lower in the table than Manchester United? Hardly a shocker given their usual league position.

Chris O said...

I know Ian... It's that kind of unerring insight that makes Guardian Football Weekly the award-winning podcast it is...