Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday List of Little or No Consequence #217

The 100 Club
21 Coaches That Have Managed International Teams On More Than 100 Occasions

1. Carlos Alberto Parreira
Over 240 matches with Kuwait, Brazil, UAE and Saudi Arabia

2. Bruce Arena
117 matches with USA

3. Sepp Herberger
167 matches with (West) Germany

4. Guus Hiddink
Over 130 matches with Netherlands, South Korea, Australia, Russia and Turkey

5. Roger Lemerre
137 matches with France, Tunisia and Morocco

6. Claude Le Roy
166 matches with Cameroon, Senegal, Ghana, Oman and others

7. Valeri Lobanovski
Over 120 matches with Soviet Union

8. Henri Michel
160 matches with France, Cameroon, Morocco, Ivory Coast and others

9. Bora Milutinovic (pictured below)
Over 280 matches with Mexico, Costa Rica, USA, Nigeria, China and others

10. Richard Moller-Nielsen
119 matches with Denmark, Finland and Israel

11. Egil Olsen
113 matches with Norway and Iraq

12. Morten Olsen
118 matches with Denmark

13. Antoni Piechniczek
127 matches with Poland, Tunisia and UAE

14. Sepp Piontek
142 matches with Denmark and Turkey

15. Sir Alf Ramsey
113 matches with England

16. Guillermo Stabile
127 matches with Argentina

17. Guy Thys
114 matches with Belgium

18. Philippe Troussier
109 matches with Japan, Qatar, South Africa and others

19. Berti Vogts
191 matches with Germany, Kuwait, Scotland, Nigeria and Azerbaijan

20. Walter Winterbottom
139 matches with England

21. Mario Zagallo
Over 200 matches with Kuwait, Brazil, UAE and Saudi Arabia

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