Thursday, June 23, 2011

TV Preview: 24 - 30 June

Friday 24th June

21:00 Argentina U17 v Japan U17, FIFA U17 World Cup, British Eurosport/British Eurosport HD
Japan seemed to lack ambition against the impressive but sluggish French team in their last match. Now they need to beat Argentina to guarantee a finish in the top two.
21:00 Jamaica U17 v France U17, FIFA U17 World Cup, British Eurosport 2
Two defeats for the Reggae Babyz leaves them heading home after this match. France's technical ability looks pretty scary and although I think they struggled in the afternoon heat against Japan, they should do enough to win. Victory should see them top the group.

Saturday 25th June

19:45 Spain U21 v Switzerland U21, UEFA U21 European Championship Final, Sky Sports 1 / HD1
Fitting that the two best teams in the tournament should compete for the finale. Spain are as good as you would expect but some people may be taken aback to see Switzerland where they are. They won the Under 17 World Cup in 2009 and host an impressive array of talent. Particularly Nassim Ben Khalifa. A victory for the Swiss may be unexpected but it would not be surprising.
21:00 Uruguay U17 v England U17 FIFA U17 World Cup, British Eurosport / British Eurosport HD
Right, so a freakish equalising goal from Canadian goalkeeper Quillan Roberts prevented England from sailing into the next stage. Having said that they're pretty much through which is just as well as this Uruguayan team seem pretty tasty and determined. I've heard a few disparaging remarks about the English on Twitter but they are the European U17 Champions and in Raheem Sterling have a real talent. They may be dark horses.
21:00 Canada U17 v Rwanda U17, FIFA U17 World Cup, British Eurosport 2
An England defeat and a Canadian win by a few goals will see the Canucks through eh? Mind you, Rwanda are not useless and Canada really were quite lucky to get their point against England so how likely that scenario is open to question.
22:30 Flamengo v Atl├ętico, Brazilian National Championship, Premier Sports
What's this? League football? Never heard of it. Flamengo's last four games have all been draws. If you think that's crap then you're right. But Atl├ętico have lost four of their last five. Well worth staying up for then. Yes Sir!
02:00 (Sunday morning) USA v Mexico, CONCACAF Gold Cup Final, British Eurosport 2
Pile in early from the discotheque, crack open the tinnies, crank up Twitter and laugh your socks off at your American buddies as they angst lyrical while watching the USMNT get their butts handed to them by Mexico. It's the best fun you can have with your clothes on.

Sunday 26th June

19:00 New York Red Bulls V Chicago Fire, MLS, ESPN / ESPN HD
The Red Bulls are top of the Eastern Conference despite having won only one game in their last eight. Fortunately for them, the Fire have an even worse record. Such is the wacky world of MLS. I love it!!
21:00 Panama U17 v Germany U17, FIFA U17 World Cup, British Eurosport / British Eurosport HD
As I type this, Germany are beating Burkina Faso 2-0 in the penultimate round. They'd beaten Ecuador 6 (SECHS) - 1 in the first match so by the time you read this they should be through.
21:00 Burkina Faso U17 v Ecuador U17, FIFA U17 World Cup, British Eurosport 2
The Africans had been on a decent run before they bumped into Panama in Round One. Ecuador may have had the stuffing knocked out of them by the Germans from the last match.

Thursday 30th June

22:00 TBC FIFA U17 World Cup Last 16, British Eurosport / British Eurosport HD
A preview of this match will be added once we know who is playing.

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