Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday List of Little or No Consequence #173

Once upon a time, there was a football blogsite called 'Some People Are On The Pitch' and on it there ran a weekly feature called 'The Friday List of Little or No Consequence'. For over three years, it provided a light-hearted oasis of calm in a football world gone mad, and it did so by generating countless interesting, pointless, but above all enlightening facts.

When came to an end in July 2010, so too did the Friday Lists, but here at Football Fairground we won't let a good feature die. To that end, we're proud to bring you the first in a new selection of Friday Lists, and as was always the case, we invite you to contact us if you have any ideas for future lists.

With that all dealt with, let's carry on from where we left off...

Five Ring Circus
15 Football Clubs That Played Matches In Olympic Stadiums Once The Olympics Were Over

1. AEK Athens (2004 Olympic Stadium, Athens)
2. AIK (1912 Olympic Stadium, Stockholm)
3. Ajax (1928 Olympic Stadium, Amsterdam)
4. Djurgårdens IF (1912 Olympic Stadium, Stockholm)
5. Espanyol (1992 Olympic Stadium, Barcelona)
6. Germinal Beerschot (1920 Olympic Stadium, Antwerp)
7. Hertha Berlin (1936 Olympic Stadium, Berlin)
8. Los Angeles Aztecs (1932/1984 Olympic Stadium, Los Angeles)
9. Montreal Alouettes (1976 Olympic Stadium, Montreal)
10. Panathinaikos (2004 Olympic Stadium, Athens)
11. Queens Park Rangers (1908 Olympic Stadium (White City), London)
12. Real Salt Lake (2002 Winter Olympic Stadium, Salt Lake City)
13. Seoul United FC (1988 Olympic Stadium, Seoul)
14. St. Louis Stars (1904 Olympic Stadium, St. Louis)
15. Universidad Nacional (1968 Olympic Stadium, Mexico City)

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